How to Take Care of a Boxer Puppy


One breed of dog that is great to own is a boxer puppy, they are brilliant around children, loving, playful but also a great guard dog. Everyone loves the thought of owning a puppy, but you have to consider if you are truly ready for one. Puppies are great to have in a family environment, and you will receive as much love from the puppy as you give to it. 

boxer puppy 3 months old
3 Months Old Boxer Puppy
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Before buying your boxer puppy, you need to research if this breed is the ideal one for you. Boxer’s aren’t cheap and so this investment needs to be for life. Breeders ask for such high amounts, so they guarantee that you are purchasing a full-bred boxer puppy, and not one that may have genetic defects and illnesses. If you spend more on your boxer puppy then you will have peace of mind that you are buying a healthy, pure breed boxer puppy. Ask the breeder about the boxer puppy, about its parents and always ask to see the puppy with its mother. Seeing the condition of the other puppies will help determine if they are healthy.

Boxer Puppy Care Tips

There are some key stages in your puppy’s life, knowing these beforehand will ensure you raise your boxer puppy well. You will properly collect your boxer when it is 8-10 weeks old; this is an important time in its little life. They would have just been removed from their mother, so it is essential to try not to frighten the puppy. Traumatic or distressing experiences at an early age can cause problems in the future with your training program.

At 16 weeks your puppy will be testing you, it will try to become more independent and testing wherein the pack it is situated. Biting is a sign of dominance, so never let your boxer puppy bite, even if it is in a playful way. Your boxer puppy will love to bite and chew, so try to teach it that there are items that they are allowed to such as toys and balls, and items such as furniture and shoes that it is not.

Boxer Puppy Basic Training

Once your puppy begins to show signs of independence then this is the time to attend obedience classes. This will help your them to establish social skills, and learn how to interact around other dogs and people. You will learn how to control them, and set the boundaries for a good relationship. Simple tasks and commands will be learned very easily by your boxer puppy as they are incredibly intelligent. They respond better to rewards rather than punishments, and this is the best way to teach them any commands.

They are renowned for their boundless energy and fun-loving ways, so ensure you give your puppy plenty of exercises. They love playing with other dogs, so if it is possible exercises them with a friend, so they can tire each other out.

There are several books and internet sites which can help with the training of your puppy, ensuring you invest some time in the early years will show great results, and make your puppy grow up into a well balanced friendly dog. It will be a trusted friend and companion of the whole family for years to come.

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