Best Puppy Toys For Teething And Chewing


Buying toys for your pet is an exciting and pleasurable experience and with such a rich variety available, the only problem is that you could be spoilt for choice. In your enthusiasm to buy your pet the best puppy toys, keep in mind that the focus should be more on durability than fancy toys that could get spoilt quickly. Remember that your puppy may be rough with its toys and especially during the teething period would want to chew on them or swallow them whole without being aware of the consequences. Hence toys that do not contain harmful chemicals and that are durable should be your main purchase and even if you have to pay more for them, they are worth the money.

Most puppy trainers are also of the opinion that you should not confuse your puppy with toys of many kinds and colours all at once. They recommend rotation of toys on a regular basis so that interest is sustained and the puppy learns to recognise the type of toys as well as differences in colour in a gradual manner.

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Puppy toys that stimulate eye-paw coordination need to be included along with other toys. They fall under the category of educational toys and along with your teething blankets, rattles, plastic chew bone and canvas puppy balls make life interesting for your puppy. They are inquisitive by nature and would try to figure out the working of such toys by themselves.

Yet another category of toys are the interactive ones. They are available in bright colours and since they come in different sizes, you should be able to find the right ones for your puppy. They are durable and the batteries are screwed in tightly posing no danger to the puppy. These toys will make your puppy run after them promoting good mobility and activity.

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