At What Age Can You House Train a Puppy – Is 10 Weeks Old Too Soon?


Are you eager for your puppy to become old enough to house train? Is your puppy soiling in the house driving you batty? Before relegating your puppy to living outdoors year-round, consider learning when, and how to house train your puppy. This article packs a lot of useful information into a short and easy reading format so that you can learn what you need and fast. You can be ready to house train your puppy within minutes from now. Here is how…

If your puppy is ten weeks old, he is capable of being house trained. This does not mean he will not still occasionally soil in the house. However, house training your puppy now will help to reduce those instances from occurring. By the way, house training your puppy will also help your puppy to follow your directions when you are teaching him other behaviours you want him to exhibit.

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Do you want your puppy to “go” outside, or on newspapers or in a litter box inside? If you want your puppy to “go’ outside, you will need to create or supervise him closely indoors and take him outside when he needs to go. Inside you will need to confine your puppy to a small area where the newspaper or litter box can be easily found by him/her. This keeps the puppy from wandering to another location in the house for eliminating.


Expect your puppy to make some mistakes while he is undergoing house training. Use a strong odour eliminator when you are cleaning up messes made by your puppy. You do not want your puppy to smell where he mistakenly soiled and choose to soil there again.

Have your puppy examined to make sure there are no medical issues or breed-specific characteristics that would make house training your puppy unsafe for your puppy or unrealistic at your puppy’s present age. You can also ask for more tips on house training your puppy while there.

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