Adjusting a puppy to new enviroment


If you’re looking for the best possible way to adjust your puppy to it’s new environment there is several steps you should follow for best results. These tips work for all dog breeds, but do remember the results may vary depending on the puppy’s personality, and your effectiveness of following these steps. Best of luck with your new best friend!

Be Attentive – If your puppy is constantly peeing all over the house without you noticing, you’re obviously not watching him enough. Pay attention to your puppy’s actions, and be sure to reward him for being good.

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Work as a Whole – Be sure to include the family in your puppy training methods. This helps your puppy get comfortable with socializing with the entire family, and it puts more eyes on the puppy decreasing the chances on an accident.

Corresponding Methods – Be sure that everybody in the family is aware of your housebreaking techniques so the puppy doesn’t get confused. This will provide for optimum results when housebreaking your puppy.

Puppy Environment – Create a space for your puppy with dog-friendly floors, we recommend linoleum or cement. Also, be sure to place his bed, water, food, toys, and a dog toilet within this dog cave, ha-ha.

Do not Punish – If your puppy has an accident avoid punishing him. Instead, distract him by whistling, clapping, or kindly call his name. Then guide the puppy outside or to his puppy toilet so his duties can be accomplished.

Deodorize – If your puppy has an accident it is likely they will have another one in the same spot, this happens because they recognize the odour. Be sure to use a deodorizing product to remove this smell before it happens again.

Puppy Rewards – Be sure to reward your puppy when he urinates in the correct area. This will associate his good behaviour with the puppy treat, toy, or whatever the reward may be.

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