When can puppies start eating solid food?


According to the thumb rule, every offspring must have approximately their body weight during birth during lactation and nursing phase each week. Most of the females are an expert mother but some may be nervous and less attentive, so they need some extra care to calm them and to accept their newly born puppies. The poorly nursed pup may be small in size, cooler in temperature and weigh less. So routine handling is good for checking their progress and health condition of the pup. This might include working with the mother and pups both, and placing the pups near to the nipples of the mother and also remember that excessive handling may cause stress to both pups and mother.

Introducing Solid Foods to Puppies

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The puppies are ready to wean by six weeks of age and if they have already started to eat the solid food from their dam’s food, then this usual to happen at about 4 to five weeks of age. As the puppies get mature, they must be fed an appropriate diet of the proper life stage three times a day at least until the nutritional value of the food per pound of the body is level off. You can later reduce the amount of food twice a day when they reach the age of six months and once in a day when they are eight months old. Never forget to give them fresh water at all time.

Warm milk or water can be used in dry food to moisten it. But however excess milk can cause a digestive problem as a laxative for some pups and grownups. The uneaten part of the food must be thrown away and one time should be given to the puppies for eating.

The routine must be established by making the puppies feed at the same place and at the same time. This will later help in housetraining. It is strictly not recommended to offer human food from the table as it will encourage them to beg and make them finicky eater. So the dog food like Fromm Dog Food is made with duck, chicken meal, barley, brown rice, fish meal, oatmeal and many other nutritious substances that are necessary for the supplement of vitamins, proteins, minerals and meats.

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