How To Find A Professional Trainer For Your Dog


Do you have a dog with you? Then it is safe to assume that you want him to listen to everything you say and it is just natural feeling towards your dog and your wish that he should understand you better and react to what you have just said to him. You spend a lot of time to select a better dog breed which has excellent picking power and it is probably easy to train those special breeds but still, you cannot get the best out of those special breeds if you do not have a proper trainer to train your dog.

You may have one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world such as Standard Poodle, German shepherd or Golden Retriever but it is useless if you cannot train that dog properly for that purpose you either need good training methods or a professional trainer himself. A properly trained dog can jump to several feet, can dive into your swimming pool with you, and can perform tricks on a skateboard and even wakeboards.

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How to find a professional trainer for your dog who can make your dog super cool and polish his skills and even take it to the next level?

A man who started to train dogs in his teens as a passionate dog lover and became a professional dog trainer, later on, is now known as Omar von Muller, is the best option available to choose from all the dog trainers available in the list. He is the hot topic among the dog keepers in Hollywood and now he is the most popular and respected dog trainer in Hollywood. He has been training dogs for all kind of people and he even trained dogs for the police department and security forces and he did it like a pro.

He trained his dog jumpy and made him a super dog, a dog which can show acrobatic skills, can do skateboarding, make high jumps, take a dive in water and wakeboards as well. He is the man behind the training of Uggie, the four-legged start in the movie “The Artist”. This movie did a business of one thirty-three million on box office and got positive reviews from all the movie critics as Betsy Bozdech of Common Sense Media described this movie as “The Artist” is a movie for people who love movies. The Peter Debruge describe this movie as “This crowd-pleasing comedy tips its top hat to those late-’20s Hollywood conventions rendered obsolete by the rise of the talkie as a pompous star fails to adapt to the new era.” All of these positive reviews were because of the legendary dog Uggie and the man behind Uggie’s skills was none other than Omar von Muller.

Omar von Muller described the secret behind his successful career as a professional dog trainer in an interview, he said that he has been training dogs since he was still a kid and his elder brother was also a dog trainer. He said that he had a German shepherd who knew all kind of crazy tricks like jumping through fire and when he came into Los Angeles he made up his mind to choose dog training as a profession and it turns out to be an easy task for him. He describes that best way to train your dog is to teach him obedience first, make him social, having patience with your dog and repeating the training and last but not the least to give your dog a lot of treats, it will assure you that you are training your dog properly.

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