Dog Training On Come Or Recall Command


A young dog is always an exciting moment for everyone in the family. Kids and adults alike take turns in playing and adoring him. The puppy is always fun to touch and play with and has the tendency to be the center of attention in the household. Realize though that his arrival means you have a lot of things to attend to.

He has a lot of new things to learn in line with his behavior and following orders. Do you want your dog to be responsive when you call on him? Well, unfortunately, some dogs fall short on this. To make a change, be sure to have your pet properly trained on this. Dog training educates your dog to respond to the come or recall command given to him.

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The Significance of the Come or Recall Command

Among the dog training commands, we say the come or recall order to be the most basic yet most important. This has to be done while the dog is still young. When your pet can respond well when you execute this command, he can use it to steer himself away from danger or any kind of trouble.

The come or recall command is greatly associated with safety reasons. Foremost, you may grant your dog more freedom without fear that he will get himself into trouble. Even if you lose sight of him you are confident that he will come back as you call on him.

The Training Itself

The main goal that you should achieve for this dog training come or recall command is to easily get your dog’s response. He should come around during your first two calls. His listening skills should, therefore, be sharpened so he will respond wherever he may be and whatever he is busy with.

Undoubtedly, the process is hard. A responsive dog is not that easy to achieve. Dogs are not as mature as other human beings so the training will include a lot of work on your part. There are even dog breeds that love to be chased after. Thus, you should be familiar with the right technique that you should apply depending on how your dog’s natural instincts work.

The real secret to this is to start the training as early as possible and reinforce your command all the time.

The General Rules to Observe

To make things a lot manageable, here are some quick tips for you.

  • Your dog may not respond at once but never punish him when he comes. It will give him the impression that the same thing will always happen and it will be twice the challenge to call on him.
  • Don’t unleash him in public especially if he has not perfected responding to your command.
  • Exude a positive voice when saying the command. Your dog has to associate his coming to you with a positive thing.
  • The environment where you are in must reflect safety because your dog will not definitely come to you when he feels threatened.
  • Don’t confuse him with other commands when he has not yet mastered the first one.

So, there you go with the important insights that will keep things manageable as you do the dog training training on come or recall command.

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