The Secret to Communicating with Your Newborn Puppy


Dogs are loved in every part of the world and there are more than 50% chances that you also have one. It is not possible that if you have a dog and do not have a method to communicate with him because it is the first thing you do as a dog lover. If you take a look at different people then you will find out that all of them have different methods for communicating with each other, same is the case with dogs because different dogs will communicate with you in a different way.

If you had a wish that your dog should start to understand you more

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then the scientists researching about dogs have news for you which will make you happy and that is dogs do understand humans more than humans have expected from them to understand and it can be to the extent that they might even understand each and every word we say.

Spending enough time with your dog will make you more close to your dog

and a time will come a time when your dog starts to comprehend each and every quirk and the things you love to do and things you do not like to the deepest details. It is not like your dog does not have needs and he does not feel anything, he does, but as humans have different ways to express their needs and emotions your dog also have his distinct way to express them.

It does not matter what type of dog you have or how much he differs from other dogs, he still has some common wishes that all of the dogs have and want you to know about those wishes just like any other dog.

It might be assistive to you if you can comprehend this concept because it can make a better person as a dog keeper and you will have a better idea about what is inside the mind of your dog and what he actually wants from you.

It is not rocket science to comprehend that understanding works great to take the relationships to greater extents; same is the case with understanding the wishes of your dog if you like to know what he actually wishes for then keep on reading because we are going to explain that.

You do not mind to say that you own a dog, it is quite common to use this word for dogs, well what you will feel if someone else uses this term for you? The same way as your dog feels, he comes to you running, hugs you and even lick you just because he feels like you are a family member and he can show his love, not because you own him.

There might be cases when you have left your dog at home all alone and when you come back you will see he is not happy at all it is because he wants you to know that he does feel sad and he needs your company as well only providing food is not good enough.

Another thing which you may not notice is that your dog also gets lonely as humans get and you need to understand that, play with him or take him for a walk or any other activity.

Do not overreact if you taught your dog something and he forgot about it next day and do not yell at him like he has done some serious crime or committed a taboo because your dog wishes you to know that he does not have a memory as good as you.

Your dog knows in which tone you are speaking

for example, if you are scolding your dog then he understands it really well and in vice versa, if you are talking in a kind manner and being nice towards your dog he understands that too, just know that your dog understands your anger and kindness.

There are a lot more things which your dogs wishes from you to know about such as understanding the fact that he is not a baby and do not need pampering, as humans love changes and breaking the routines he loves that too and he certainly knows what is your mood and what you are feeling, so keep these wishes in your mind and deal with your dog accordingly.

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