Training Your Puppy During the First Week


If you have made your decision to get a puppy, it will not be too long before you bring them home for the first time. But it is just there that you may ask yourself what now? In this article, you will find some valuable information on how to train your puppy during that first week at home.

There are some ways for you to handle the digging, the chewing and the housebreaking. The first week that your puppy is home is the time where the biggest changes will take place for both your puppy and you.

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The first week is important to future happenings that concern the training of your new puppy. You must stick to set routines and rules that have been established. This is not always easy, and most owners find this very tough. Many times you are determined to put your puppy in a crate at night, but after some whining, your puppy is put in bed with you.

You may have talked about keeping your puppy calm, and not allow them to jump up on people – but then they are so thrilled since everyone else is excited, therefore they are jumping up on people. The next morning your puppy maybe has a mishap on your bed, and then you send them to their crate. No one is very keen on feeding them and they are being ignored. And there goes your whole schedule. Keep in mind that you must stick to the schedules you have decided upon. Although they are just a puppy, they should not be given the chance to do as they please.

Have fun with your puppy, and use toys to play with them. By no means hit or scold your puppy in a harsh manner. Remember that your puppy will only do what comes naturally to them until they are told differently. Try and maintain their excitement levels to a minimum for the first week. Although friends and family will want to come and visit, they should best wait for the following week. Try and get your puppy used to be alone. If they wake up and whine a bit, give them some time to settle – and do not rush to them. You will probably want to schedule your puppy’s first vet appointment so that you can establish with the vet when they will be ready to go out and meet other dogs. As soon as you’ve determined this, start with socialization classes with your puppy.


In order for your puppy to grow into a fit puppy that is a well-accustomed adult dog, you should set the example and decide on a training schedule early onwards. The first week will be a good indication as to how the rest of your relationship will go.

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