Raising Puppies – How to Train a Puppy


Puppies are very different from humans. They learn in different ways and for this reason, need to be trained in different ways. If you are house training a puppy you will be aware that puppy can not see anything wrong with relieving himself on the kitchen floor. He doesn’t understand the concept of right and wrong but will recognise and adjust his behaviour according to your response to his actions. If you show your pleasure when he does well and disappointment when he fails he will learn.

To train a puppy successfully you must be able to catch his attention so that you can be sure that he is listening to you. If he is taking notice and responding, reinforce the lesson with praise and the occasional treat. If you can’t keep his attention or if he disappoints you with his behaviour scold him with a firm NO. He will quickly decide which of the two responses he prefers and will adjust his behaviour accordingly.

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The puppy must be able to associate your response to his behaviour. For this to happen your response must be both immediate and consistent. It’s no use scolding him for something he did yesterday or even an hour ago. He has moved on from that and won’t associate your displeasure with any action of his. To avoid confusing him you also need to be consistent with your responses to him. This means that all family members should attempt to use the same methods and respond to him in the same manner.

This process can take some time and be the cause of some frustration but your puppy will learn. If you need to know how to house train a puppy or you are just looking for any puppy training tips, start by rewarding good behaviour, being firm and consistent and by reacting to his failures immediately they occur.

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