Puppy Bed – Common Mistakes Owners Make


Most people get so excited at the prospect of bringing home a new puppy that they end up going on a shopping spree in an attempt to make their pet more welcome.

One of the purchases people make is a puppy bed. Although it may seem like an easy purchase, there are aspects of a bed that you want for your puppy. Many people do not read up on this topic and end up making common mistakes when it comes to selecting the bed. The reason they do this is not because they do not want the best for their puppy, they just do not fully take into consideration the pet’s actual needs.

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The most common mistake pet owners make when they are shopping for a puppy bed is that they do not get a chew proof one. This typically is because they are not thinking that their puppy is going to chew everything for a while. Their bed is something they will chew.

You want a chew proof bed for a few reasons. The first of course if your puppy’s safety. If he can chew the bed, he might also be able to get some material or particles stuck in his throat. Also, you do not want to come home to a chewed apart bed.

Another mistake that many people make when shopping for a puppy bed is that it is the wrong size. If it is too large, he might not want to stay in it because he feels he is getting lost. However, if it is too small, he will just be uncomfortable.

You want a bed where your puppy can comfortably turn around, stretch out and curl up in. also, take into consideration that your puppy will grow fast, so you might want to get a larger bed and then stack blankets or pillows on one end to make it appear smaller to them.

Another mistake people make with a puppy bed is they do not get a washable one. This is a huge mistake because you will soon find out just how much you want to wash it, regardless of how clean you keep your pup. You also want to make sure you do not get a cheap bed. Although it might be nice not to spend a lot of money, it most likely will not last as long as it should. It usually pays off to get a sturdier bed because it will last longer.

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