How to Adopt A Puppy


Why Adopt a Puppy When You Can Buy One?

The doggie population is growing by the minute, and millions of homeless dogs are suffering the unfavorable conditions in animal shelters, and waiting for the right parents who would want to take them home. If you want to get a puppy, adopting a puppy instead of buying one also means that you are saving one puppy from growing up without the right training at the crowded animal shelters. You can even save the puppy from getting euthanized, which is now considered a rather normal procedure in animal shelters. In addition, when you adopt a puppy, it will face you with a wide variety of purebreds and mixed breeds to choose from. In puppy adoption, you can easily pick over the purebreds at the pet shops. Some people prefer mixed breeds because they are safer from hereditary diseases. But, regardless of whether you want a purebred or a mixed breed, puppy adoption can give you the right dog for you as you help the dog population. Not to mention that you will also save a lot of money when you adopt instead of buy.

Preparing for Puppy Adoption

If it is your first time as a pet owner, read up on basic new puppy training, house training, and obedience training. Contact a veterinarian firsthand, so you can bring your newly adopted the puppy to the clinic immediately for a checkup. Prepare the things that your puppy might need, such as a leash, food bowls, and the likes. Once you bring your newly adopted puppy home, you might not have the time to shop anymore. Plan your puppy’s meals and nutrition already. Make sure to fit the new puppy into your schedule, to make sure that you, as a pet owner, will have time for your adopted puppy.

How to Adopt a Puppy


Puppy adoption can be rather complicated if you don’t prepare for it beforehand. There is a lot of information about how to adopt a puppy just within your reach. If you want the process to go quickly and with no complications, it’s better if you do some research before the big puppy adoption day.

To adopt a puppy, go to the animal shelter. If you already have dogs, you can even bring them with you. When you get there, you can expect yourself to be bombarded with quite a lot of puppies up for adoption. First, decide on whether you have your heart set on a purebred, or if it’s not really that important. Then, slim down your choices based on your decision. Then, after that, consider whether you want a big puppy or a small one. You may even already have a specific breed in mind. This will slim down your choices considerably.

You need to carefully consider the traits you are looking for in a pet. Most puppies up for adoption are usually unpredictable, so if you have certain traits in mind, talk to the animal shelter officers and ask them about the puppies you seem to like. If the price is a concern for you, also ask about it immediately.

It is also important to quiz the officers about the dog’s history, how it came to be at the shelter, and what medical conditions it has or suffered from in the past. Such information will definitely come in handy when you take your adopted puppy to the vet for checkups, or when your adopted puppy gets sick. If you have made your initial decision, it’s now time to meet the puppy. However, the choice is not just one-sided. An adopted puppy should also like its adopted parents. See if the dog warms up to you, or to your older pets. If yes, then congratulations because you’ve found your puppy!