How Long Should Your Dog Be Left Alone At Home?


Unless you are working at home or having someone to get all your shopping done, then there will be such conditions when you will have to leave your dog alone at home. In the present times, it is difficult to stay at home and never leave the dog all alone. Hence, it is advisable to understand for how long does your pup can be left alone?

Dogs are often active and seldom stay at a position. Unless the dog is old or is rather sick to move around, chances are high that he will be active all day long. It exposes those dogs that destroy boredom or even mental stress. Hence, they get to entertain themselves in a way to get rid of their boredom. Sometimes because of lack of attention, dogs indulge in all kinds of improper activities.

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Dogs can be left alone in the house if they are tired and need some rest. Leaving your pet alone at home can also be dangerous should he fiddle with the electrical wirings or even fall down the table or balcony and hurt himself. Leaving your pup too much alone at home can make him enter dog separation anxiety, a common ailment noticed in those dogs that suffer from stress and anxiety. Almost all dogs are extremely attached to their masters; hence it becomes difficult for them to be separated from them for a long time.

When separated from the owner, the dog may express his displeasure by whining, barking, chewing and more. These may be an attempt to get out of the house and reunite with the master. If it keeps the situation for a long time, your dog might become aggressive and destroy things within the house. Certain common symptoms that the time for which you leave your dog alone is not suitable are:


Fear and grief.
Excessive barking and whining on your return.
Destroying furnishings in the house.
Urinating and defecating inside.
Aggressive behavior when you leave.

It is definitely not possible that your dog should remain indoors and sleep for the entire day. They might feel terrified of being left alone in the dark too. Hence, it’s suitable to take your pup out for a walk and allow him to play for a long time before leaving the house. This way he might feel enjoy taking a nap while you return.

Dog separation anxiety symptoms are rare since we attach most dogs with their owners. However, it’s better to ensure that you do not leave your dog alone for a long time so he does not develop such problems.

Ryan Carter has a keen interest in pets. He is skilled in pet relationships and has expertise in training dogs. Get more insight and information on dog separation anxiety symptoms and cure to provide your pet with a happy lifestyle.

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