How To Take Care Of French Bulldog Puppies


Taking care of French Bulldog puppies entails much more than walking and feeding them. Take advice from French Bulldog breeders to care for your puppies teeth, nails, coats, and nutrition. Talk your vet about spaying and neutering if you choose not to breed.

French Bulldog puppies should be spayed and neutered at the recommended ages if you choose not to breed. Females are spayed while males are neutered. French Bulldog breeders recommend spaying female French Bulldog puppies before they go into heat for the first time. We usually associate breast cancer and uterine infections with women, but female French Bulldogs are susceptible to these diseases and ailments also.

French Bulldog breeders recommend neutering before the age of four. Neutered French Bulldog puppies are less aggressive. Neutering prevents testicular cancer and aids in keeping your French Bulldogs prostate healthy.

Keep your French Bulldog’s teeth cleaned and nails trimmed. You can do both of these yourself or pay your vet or groomer to do them for you. Doggie toothpaste and toothbrushes are sold in stores and thanks to French Bulldog breeders selective breeding process; French Bulldog puppies are laid back enough for you to do this. Clean their teeth once a week and check their nails every three to four weeks. French Bulldog breeders recommend clipping and filing your dog’s nails to prevent problems down the road.

French Bulldog puppies that are walked on surfaces like concrete should have natural wear to their nails. Only cut excess nails and ask your vet or groomer how to properly do this for the first time. Nails that are too long can be uncomfortable to your dog and lead to painful ingrown nails.

Breeders are very particular about caring for the coats of their French Bulldogs and want you to be too. You should brush them weekly and they recommend using a rubber brush or mitt. Wet washcloths work well too. Make sure to remove all the loose and dead hair from your dog’s coat. French Bulldog puppies have lots of wrinkles, so pay special attention to these.

Reputable French Bulldog breeders will warn you against infection. Food particles, dirt, and dampness can all lead to infection in your puppy. Most French Bulldog breeders will tell you to use a wet washcloth to clean in between the wrinkles and to dab on a bit of talcum powder to keep them dry.

Nutrition is very important to both French Bulldog breeders and French Bulldog puppies. Keeping them at a healthy weight 18-28 pounds is important. Make sure they are exercised often but not in extreme heat. French Bulldog puppies are healthier when fed real meats and vegetables. French Bulldog breeders recommend feeding them natural dog food that is grain-free or low-grain. Whether you choose to go with wet or dry food is up to you.