4 Essentials Tips For Every New Puppy Owner


A new puppy is one of the best additions to a home! They have endless energy, are fuzzy and cute, and can play for hours. Unfortunately, they can also be a handful because of their “newness” to the world. They have so much to learn, from housebreaking to staying out of trouble.

It’s hard to know which products are wastes of money and which are must-have items. The following 4 pet products are favourites because they are practical, affordable, and safe: a dog crate, a puppy gate, a cord keeper, and a dog bark collar. Adding these essentials to your home will make the transition from puppy to adulthood a much smoother one.

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Since keeping your puppy safe is the most important aspect, having a crate ready is a must! A crate provides her with a safe place to sleep as well as somewhere to be whenever you cannot directly supervise her. This is really important for the first year. Nighttime accidents are commonplace with some puppies, so keeping them inside a crate encourages them to hold their urine and bowels through the night. Buy a crate that has plenty of places to see outside of the crate, such as a partial wire crate or a wood crate with plenty of spacing between the wood slats. This will provide just the right amount of coverage for your puppy to feel safe and secure while allowing her to see what’s going on in the house. This will lessen her anxiety of being alone and can even minimize the need for a dog bark collar down the road.

A puppy gate is another item that every new dog owner should have. Gates and short fences block off areas in the home where a puppy could get hurt and keep them from running away. One especially-dangerous area that comes to mind is the stairway if you live in a two-story home. Even if it is daytime, puppies can have unsure footing and should never be allowed to go up and down the stairs without supervision until they are more coordinated. For nighttime, a gate can keep a puppy inside of her “safe room” (for older puppies only) or can keep her from getting into dangerous areas like behind the TV.

Electrical cords are another hazard that cannot be overlooked. Especially in the entertainment areas, such as the family room or living room, electrical cords should be bound and restrained. Buy a cord keeper to keep them in one single bunch (you can zip tie them as well) and then purchase a plastic wire cover. These covers can be found at local home improvement stores in the electrical aisle. They lay flat on the floor and cover the cords so puppy teeth can’t chew into them. Keep in mind that puppies are teething, just like babies do, so chewing will be an ongoing issue for about the first 9 months.

If you notice a trend in your puppy towards aggressive or persistent barking at other animals or strangers, this behaviour must be stopped immediately. It can signify a dangerous behaviour that can lead to aggression biting and social problems if left unchecked. Once your puppy is over 6 months old, if the barking persists, consider buying a dog bark collar to suppress the barking. This type of correction is mild, yet effective, and immediately remedies any barking issues!

With these items, your new puppy will be safe at home and feel like she’s part of the family!

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