The Crying Baby – 2

We do know that all human beings are created differently and so all have different characters. While some babies are easy to pacify and take care of, others are just plain difficult to handle. Some prefer to cry non stop at a stretch for no justifiable cause even when you have exhausted all possible cry triggers as outlined in the first part. It could be really tough listening to a non - stop crying baby.

When they cry, they are passing a message across to you and expects you to pay attention. Sometimes you know exactly what he wants and sometimes you just don't know what else to do.

What should you do if you are very sure your baby is fine but still crying? Well, you have to accept the fact that some babies just cry for no reason. All of my three kids cried severally in their fist three months despite being of good health. It was no fun time.

To handle situations like this, follow these healthy tips:

After you have tried pacifying the child without success, carry him, with his head on your shoulder. If possible strap him on your back like the Africans or across your chest. Most of the times in this position they tend to be relaxed because they can feel the warmth of someone. Most children prefer this position to cool off crying.

You as a parent must remain relaxed and at ease. The truth is that the crying can make one depressed and sometimes confused. Learn to not work up yourself to the point of breaking down. Be patient with the child. You need your sanity at periods like this.

One of the most crucial steps to help you keep your balance which unfortunately some mothers do ignore or consider as insignificant is when the child is sleeping. This is the time you also need to catch some sleep yourself. Even if it is for as brief as 30 minutes , it amounts to much as it will help you regain energy and vigour.

Unless they want you to go out of your mind, assistance from your spouse or a family member, in taking care of the child is also crucial. Once they realize that you need the help to enable you relax I'm sure they will grant it.

You must be a winner with your child.

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