How to Take Care of Newborns in Winter?

How to Take Care of Newborns in Winter?

Newborn is a hope for a family; all the concerns may be paid to him, adults may be very careful and nervous at this time, they are afraid to do something wrong that may lead to some bad results. The baby can live a healthy life is their biggest care. So doctors give the parents kinds of special points that should be taken in the daily care of newborn.

 Generally speaking, the room temperature of 25 ℃ , the baby just need to wear thin cotton,with a small t shirt would be ok. Do not add sweaters and other clothing. Tuck (or wrapped) should not be too tight or too strict, it should be loose, be appropriate.

In the cold weather, when the baby take bath, it may be appropriate to increase the indoor temperature, the action should be fast, and do it in a short time, more water should be prepared, the water temperature is best between 40 ℃ (37 ~ 43 ℃), the baby only need less than 10 minutes to have a bath, then dry the water quickly, quickly dressed and generally there will be no problem. Newborns' skin is very delicate, especially the folds parts are easily to become erosion and inflammation, and easily lead to sepsis, so it can not be sloppy. If not guarantee a bath, but also should take points to brush the baby for the upper body and lower body; particularly the baby use diapers, should be promptly wash the ass possibly. After Cleaning (or bath) the right way of applying the moisturizing cream is: Mother spread the oil on hands, and evenly rub the creases on the baby or small ass. it is very difficult to clean the uniform if directly put the cream on the baby's skin . Moreover, cold emulsion also makes baby very uncomfortable.

In winter, there should maintain the indoor air flowing, do not close all the windows and doors to the mother and baby living room, Fresh air for mothers and newborns is very important. Windows should be regularly open every day, just avoid air convection. Otherwise, the small environment of air pollution will be harmful to the mother and child health. Another point is rather important, flue gas (such as father's cigarettes, etc.) do not pollute the indoor, or likely to cause neonatal respiratory diseases to the newborn.

 Winter is the period of respiratory infections and other diseases frequently occurring, and breast milk contains antibodies that help babies to reduce the possibility of illness. If the mother has condition, she must adhere to the baby for breastfeeding.

But if the mother's milk is limited, and need to feed the newborn with milk powder, a lot of parents will naturally think that they must buy the milk powder which is in high quality and nutrition, so they spend a lot of buy some well sold milk powder. But most time they will ignore that the directly way that the baby may touch, that is the feeding bottle. To some research, a good feeding bottle may protect the newborn from the virus infection. So parents also need to be cautious on the bottle they choose. Usually the glass feeding bottle can be a best choice as we know glass can not produce the chemical reaction with other elements.

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