Getting a 6 Month Old Baby to Sleep Through the Night

As new parents it can be really frustrating when your sleep patterns are disrupted thanks to junior being wide awake and needing attention or feeding. One of the most common things a new parent will ask is how to get their baby to sleep through the night. Below, we'll look at some things to help aide this process so you can go back to having a good nights sleep!

1). 6 Month old babies will no doubt jump from being awake and being tired time and time again. What we should do as parents is help the baby associate sleep time from awake time by then also associating a special place to sleep. If your baby is awake, encourage this by being playful and active. Talk to the baby, and give him or her ample attention.

When he or she is sleeping, move them to their designated sleeping area. This will help them associate sleep time with this area, and awake time when they are somewhere else.

2). Newborns need to eat regularly, however, a good idea is to treat night time feedings differently from day time ones. This helps distinguish a difference between night and day. During the day, when feeding, make sure to sing, talk and interact with your child.

If it's time for a night time feeding, don't make a big fuss about it. Try not and interact, just simply feed. This will help let the baby know that night time isn't a time for playing.

3). If your child has a security object, like a toy, blanket, or stuffed animal, keep that near Mom as much as possible when the baby isn't trying to sleep. Since babies have extremely good smell, having an animal so close to Mom will let that Mom scent rub off on the toy.

Babies often startle awake, and having that Mom scent around can be extremely soothing when they're feeling uncomfortable.

There is definitely more than just these techniques that can help you easily solve your baby's sleeping problems. Be sure to visit for more information on how you can get back to sleeping regular hours again, and feeling more energetic during the day.

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