Fit For Summer in 6 Weeks

Summer season is usually spent by going to beaches, sunbathing and getting oneself tanned. But wouldn't it feel better if you do these with a nice and fit body? Well, you shouldn't really worry if you have eaten a lot during winter. You just have to sacrifice spring time for your firming up for you to get ready for summer. These things are easily said than done and so to get you started with losing weight and getting yourself in shape, you have to start with knowing your goals.

Knowing your goals would mean asking yourself why you want to do this. And when you have finally decided, make it serve as a motivation for you to keep going. Constantly remind yourself about these to help you make it through.

Aside from this, you also have to act! Do the full body exercises and not just the part workouts. This way, you also get to have full benefits. Gone are the days when part workouts are to done. This is a more effective way. Suggested workouts are the following:

1. Squat Jump - this involves both squatting and jumping. You do this exercise by putting yourself in a standing position with hands on your hips. And then, you bend your knees a little. This is also known as squatting. After you do the squat position, you jump. With feet together, you land on the ground and do the whole exercise repetitively.

2. 8 Count Body Builders - basically, what you do in this kind of exercise is to fully bend your knees and place your hands on the ground and from there you straighten up your body with a jump and then land with both feet together.

3. Burpees - to do this, you are to jump as high as you could manage and then land with your feet together and go down in a push up position and immediately stand on your feet jointly.

4. Push ups with knee tuck - in this kind of exercise, you will make use of a ball to hang your legs on in a push up position. You then do a push up and then bring your knees to your chest and then return to that push up position.

As was said earlier, these are only suggestions. You could also do other exercises which you think would best work for you. With proper determination, perseverance, patience and motivation, you will likely succeed getting that beach body you so wanted to have for summer.

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