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Housebreaking A Puppy 101

If you're looking for the best possible way to adjust your puppy to it's new environment there is several steps you should follow for best results. These tips work for all dog breeds, but do remember the results may vary depending on the puppy's personality, and your effectiveness of following these steps. Best of luck…
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From Dog Food For The Nursing Puppies

According to the thumb rule, every offspring must have approximately their body weight during birth during lactation and nursing phase each week. Most of the females are expert mother but some may be nervous and less attentive, so they need some extra care to calm them and to accept their newly born puppies. The poorly…
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Puppy Housebreaking Tips

Housebreaking a new puppy is no easy task, but as I'm sure you'll agree, it's a very necessary one. But how do you start? Is there a right or a wrong way to go about this process? These are the questions we will explore in this brief article as we give you a short lesson…
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Common Heath problems that Puppies Experience

Owners must be committed to the nursing of their puppies from the first instant they get them. One of the primary things you are to do is to choose a really good Weimaraner Puppy Training agenda. To add to that, you also have to tending of the puppy’s health. There surely are a lot of…
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Training a Puppy – The Basics No Family Should Be Without

So you finally got that puppy you've been wanting for a while. The next thing you have to do is train him so he is an obedient puppy that the whole family will be able to enjoy. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on fancy professional training, there are ways…
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Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Gives Birth to 17 Puppies in Germany

  A dog named Etana in Germany gave birth to 17 puppies in Ebereschenhof, north of Berlin on September 28. The four-year-old mother seemed to have more puppies than she could handle. When dogs give birth to so many puppies like this, four to five puppies usually die within the first week. However, all of…
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Ideas For Puppy Beds

Puppy beds can either be for temporary use, or more or less a permanent fixture. It depends somewhat on when you get the puppy, to some extend the breed, or at least the size of the dog, and to some degree what you had in mind to begin with. Obviously the first consideration needs to…
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Easiest Way to Leash Train Your Puppy

Do you want to know the easiest way to leash train your new puppy? Get an early start on that by starting to leash train your puppy at a very young age. By six weeks of age my young puppy could already walk on a loose leash. At 8 weeks old, my puppy walked with…
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Labradoodle Puppy Training-Recommended Tips

A good starting The best will be to train your labradoodle from the first day of their home entry. There are various type of training program for the dogs using sounds, toys, tasks, and other material influencing your puppy for the fun, easy going, and well train. The most appropriate time for the training is…
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