Alone Or Lonely?

For most people, when they hear the word alone, they think it's synonymous to being lonely. Loneliness means sadness, despair, or emptiness. You feel like you were abandoned, left out, unloved, disconnected from other people, or having the feeling that no one cares about you. Being alone and being lonely are two different things. When you're alone, it's either you're single or you simply seek solitude which is considered a positive state. You are alone because you want to. It's not that you are running away and put yourself in isolation. You just want to have alone time for yourself and enjoy your own company. You are happy even if you're single and you don't really long to have a relationship right away. Even when you do things on your own, you never feel lonely.

Being alone has its benefits. It gives you time to examine and understand yourself and gives you the power to regulate your life. It allows you to reflect on what you have done in the past or recharge your energies after you've exhausted yourself from work or relationships. You will find peace and time to clear your mind from stressful thoughts and get back to your senses as well as provide yourself with much-needed rest. When you do things alone and by not depending on others, you learn to trust in yourself and in your abilities to do things on your own. It allows you to develop yourself in the personal and emotional level. If you are lonely, take a moment to feel that feeling and shrug it off right after. If you can't, there is always your family and friends to help you go through it.

Being alone does not trigger loneliness, it is your mind that does that. It's true that you may feel lonely at times and your heart craves for companionship because of the absence of your love ones or the lack thereof. It is normal to feel sad but once you let it sink in, your mind will be filled with thoughts that will prevent you from living in the moment. It is important, however, that you know how to balance your alone time and together time. It is not always good to completely shut yourself away from everything and disconnect yourself from your friends and families but it is a good time to be in contact with your inner self. Your need to be alone is essential for survival as it is fuel for your life. Enjoy your solitude but make time to enjoy the company of your love ones.

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